Awards & Recognitions
A + D / Spectrum Foundation Architectural Awards

Sponsored by Asia's leading architectural journal, Architecture Plus Design, and the Spectrum Foundation, awards are given to the best entries in categories, such as institutional buildings, group housing, individual houses, innovative interiors and others. Over the years more than two hundred architects have served as jury members to select the winners, which receive trophies and prizes at an annual ceremony.

The most prestigious architectural award in India is the foundation's Golden Architect Award for Life Time Achievement. Every year each juror votes for their nominee for the Golden Architect Award. The five architects who have the maximum votes from all of these annual jury nominations are then taken as the Nominees and an international committee reviews their work, electing the Golden Architect. The Selection Committee meets annually at various locations throughout Indian subcontinent and is generally composed of Indian international architects and designers. Thus, the award is unique for its rational and impartial process of selection, with over two hundred well known architects voting for the nomination list.