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Crèche and Play Area, CEE, Ahmedabad
The project called for a design of a crèche under an existing ramp! The building, Centre for Environment Education designed by Mandala Architects posed a challenge of sorts- to not make the addition too stark and at the same time be appropriate for young children. The design brief was to develop the un-utilised space as a play area cum outdoor seating for the children from age 2 to 8.

The design evolved by making colourful mosaics of fishes. CEE has a very big fishpond. This place is a constant attraction to the children who visit the campus. Thus, the theme of the crèche.

The execution of the project was a participatory process, with decisions taken on site depending on the given condition. However, an overall drawing was made to ensure conceptual clarity. The fishes were abstracted on computer to fit the existing site; cut to shape in plywood and subsequently laid out on the ground full size.