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Heritage walk -"Rajkot Mari Najare"- an initiative towards urban conservation
"To project the city as a melting pot of tourism in western part of India. Its central location in Saurashtra demands for an interesting pause during ones journey to the extreme western tip of India, thus making transportation and accommodation viable for every traveller. To make the city not only the gateway of Saurashtra but also its most important city!"

Aims and objectives:

  • This project primarily aims participation of local people of all age groups, educational institutions, professional bodies and industrial institution, hence giving everyone an equal opportunity to explore their changing role towards working for their own city.
  • Provide platform to know the cross section of the architectural and socio-cultural aspects of the city in brief and to acknowledge its importance in a day's time.
  • This will be an initiative to educate and bring awareness to visitors and locals towards various cultural and built aspects of the city.
    • To preserve pride and architecture of historically important buildings.
    • Educate the civilians towards preservation of heritage.
    • To increase awareness and care for Rajkot within the city limits and also for the district.
  • Generate funds from the city to be used for the city. This will help as an economically viable tool to generate income and can fund various programs to document historical buildings and also to work towards its preservation.
  • To regain the importance of past and relive it's enriching memories. To increase awareness of various interesting building types and their adaptive reuse.
  • The project was launched in 2006, declared as 'The Tourism Year' by Government of Gujarat. Thus, the aims and objective fits with regard to the state tourism year.