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Private residential development in an urban context

Proposal for Residence for Mr. Dharmendra Gadhvi, Village Varvala, Dwarka, Dist Jamnagar. December 2011-May 2012.

Country retreat for Shri Prataprai Bos at Village Raj Samadhiyala, Dist Rajkot. January 2009-November 2011.

Complete alteration of residence for Smt Dipti Shukla and Shri Jayesh Shukla at Rajkot. September 2010-February 2011.

Residence for Shri Parthesh Pandya and Smt Binduba Zala at Village Rajpur, Dist Gandhinagar. November 2010.

Residence for Dr. Shri Amit Sitapara at Rajkot. March 2009-May 2010.

Renovation of residence of Shri Mahavir Bos. August 2008 March 2010.

Proposal for Residence for Shri Raju Shah, Gondal. June 2009.

Infrastructure improvement in residence of Smt Hansikaben Arvindbhai Maniar. August 2008.

Alteration and extension for House of Shri Irfan Tabani, Old city, Rajkot. May 2007.

Proposal for House for Shri Vishnubhai Thaker at Gondal. June 2007.

2, Collegewadi, Rajkot-360 001 INDIA. Residence-cum-studio for self. July 2005-August 2007.

Proposal for the renovation of the house of
Mr. T R Pancholi. 2002.

House for a public servant in Lucknow. 1999