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Bilpudi- Dharampur, Dist.Valsad, South Gujarat

Name of the project: The Resource and Training Center at Vansewa Mahavidyalaya at Bilpudi, Dist. Valsad

Client: Vansewa Mahavidyalaya and CEE, Ahmedabad.

The project was envisaged as an annex to existing campus of the Vansewa Mahavidyalaya. The program was funded jointly by the Vansewa Mahavidyalaya; Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad and Field Study Council, UK.

The brief involved construction a Resource Centre and a Training Centre. This would in time augment the existing infrastructure of the university in the form of Training Centre as a class room-cum-living quarters for the ladies and as a Resource Centre in the form of study room; library; audio-visual facility. The program also called for outdoor facility like demonstration yards; meeting areas; a water place and outdoor classroom.

Analysis of the regional building type:
After the initial site analysis and visit to the region, we thought of adopting a vernacular built form using new material and at the same time take into account the existing technological level and the local skills. Intense rains and extreme climate were deciding factors for the sloping roof; the projecting eaves and cross ventilation by way of continuous windows. A constrained budget and low-tech approach led to a simple gable roof block of unit dimension of 2.53 m. Built-in furniture; shelves; storage and black board added to the unity of the approach. The foundation is out of local riverine stone projected into the elevated plinth. The remaining part of the wall is out of brick masonry. The structure for the pitched roof is open web joist out of MS angles and supported on pre-cast concrete posts. Pre-coated steel sheets in terracotta colour are used as roofing material.

Design Approach:
The two separate buildings were sited on a piece of land to the north-east of the campus and adjoining the dining hall. The site was naturally sloping westward with a marked level difference in the middle and a five year old plantation of teak trees. This became the connecting path. The Resource Centre sits on the lower level and diagonally to the larger block of the Training Centre that occupies the higher level. The two court thus created are the outdoor areas-the seating and demo yards.