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Design of a theme based Tableau on Rajkot District

CONCEPT- 'Tableau a moving sparkle'
A tableau is an arrangement depicting a scene or a theme. A tableau when placed on a mobile platform can be an effective medium to propagate the message by way of a chosen theme. This can be so arranged as to catch attention of a wide-ranging audience, from children to adults. However, since the tableau is not a stationary object/medium, its design should be such that one is be able to convey the meaning within a split second, just when it is passing by in front of the viewer.

We were given the task of design of a tableau depicting Rajkot district. Gujarat Government has declared Year 2006 as 'the Year of Tourism'. Thus, the theme for the tableau was centered on Tourism and Festivities (within the district). We carried this further to even project Rajkot as not only a progressive district but the city as an important tourist melting pot for the avid traveler who wants to explore the land of Saurashtra. Rajkot is the veritable gateway to Saurashtra. Abstract notions depicting various centers of tourist interests in the district were set in an overall composition of intersecting planes, such that the whole established the importance not only of these places but also enhanced the values and pride that Rajkot stands for.

The design is based on a system of module-an assembly of panels four feet by four feet in size and each capable of connecting with each other. When not in use, these can easily be disassembled and packed in a box. This allows for their safe and speedy transport from place to place. This idea makes the panel more adaptive to be exhibited at various events. It's a permanent temporary gesture! And at no extra cost!

At the same time, the design of the panels is independent of the transport system (in this case, a truck) thus, allowing the tableau to be exhibited at a stationary location also. The panel assembly when erected stands on a platform out of wood, made strong to lie flat. The platform is supported by a number of vertical struts that are more planar than nodal and they in turn act as legs, when the platform is not resting on a mobile element. At other times, they are three-dimensional elements depicting places of interest of the district. Various other three dimensional elements are used in the design to articulate the formal composition of the design. These are scaled models of a gate of a city or is part of a 'chhakada'-that popular and all-purpose vehicle of Rajkot.

To add a bit of movement and to introduce an element of surprise, there are a couple of live characters depicting a stage of life of famous personalities hailing from Rajkot. These characters are important to describe the spatial composition of the planes and will thus grab attention of the viewers. The vibrancy and festivities are abstracted with joyous colors that so naturally characterize the people-peace loving and hardworking, and place that is Rajkot. We have collected all necessary information regarding tourist places from available resources and to add to it have personally visited places to achieve the same magnitude in Tableau.

We - who belong to Rajkot and this land, welcome you to explore a part of us!

Tableau Information:
Front part of Tableau is decorated with a 3D model of Bedi Naka - Rajkot with a "Chhakda" protruding out from the gate panel. The main body contains division of spaces made with panels to focus on different talukas in Rajkot district. Here, we have displayed pictures of importance tourist locations with models of important character of that place. First panel has Kuntasi (Ta. Maliya, Dist. Rajkot) - Harappan Industrial Center and Rojadi (Ta. Gondal, Dist. Rajkot)- Harappan Village settlement. Second Panel has Morbi Darbargadh Entrance and Wankaner palace, creating interesting spaces with model of suspended bridge - "Zulta Pul" in Morbi. Third panel has pictures of Rajkot city covering various places like RKC, Alfred High School, Swaminarayan Mandir, Ram- Krishna Mandir and a informative map with Jetpur printed sari. Forth panel has images of Gondal Taluka, covering - Khambhalida Buddhist Caves, Old railway Station, Gondal Darbargadh and Orchid palace with model of Gondal street lamps. Images of important personalities are also displayed - Shrimad Rajchandra, Dayanand Saraswati, Jalaram Bapa and Gandhji. All these panels are 4'x4' in size and foldable for easy transport and reuse.

The Tableau also has vertical side panels depicting land and people of Rajkot district. There are eight vertical side panels - size 2' x 6'starting from Waghjibapa panel- Morbi, Patola panel- Rajkot, Food panel- Rajkot, ornaments and decoration, people and dresses, Kathi horse and Satam- Atham Lok mela.